Automate Check and Deposit Slip Data Extraction


by Tod McDonald

July 31, 2018

Getting clean data is always the most difficult part of any forensic or financial investigation. Handwritten checks and deposit slips just add to the time and complexity.

VALID8 has integrated technology used by the largest financial institutions that process millions of checks and deposits into the leading forensic accounting software platform. The result is an industry first end-to-end complete solution that speeds up any investigation.

  • AVOID: Manual transcription services
  • AVOID: Exporting/importing in and out of multiple software solutions
  • AVOID: Painful manual reconciliation.
  • AVOID: Lack of visibility into missing data and documents.
  • AVOID: Weeks of detailed data work to ensure accuracy

VALID8 extracts transaction data from nearly any type of imaged used as financial evidence, checking account statements, savings account statements, credit card statements, and now incoming checks, outgoing checks, and deposit slips.

After the extraction process, check and deposit slip transaction data is matched back to statement transactions for a comprehensive look.

Save time, increase engagement profitability, and deliver a superior service to your clients.

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Tod McDonald

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