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Velocity is everything.

“Whoever gets the answers first, wins. Velocity is everything.”

Mark Calvert, Trustee

VALID8 is a cloud software platform designed to automate best practice forensic accounting procedures. Get expert-ready intelligence for Fraud, Restructuring, Bankruptcy, Litigation, and High Net Worth Divorce cases while avoiding manual work.

“As a Federal Equity Receiver, from the moment you start on a case, people are stealing from you.”

Greg Hayes, Federal Equity Receiver

Painless Evidence Collection

Connect directly to over 15,000 financial institutions to download transaction history or extract data from credit card statements, bank statements, checks, and deposit slips.

​Visualize Missing Data

Identify missing and inaccurate data and visualize data quality and status in seconds.

​To-The-Penny Accuracy

In addition to transaction data, VALID8 extracts beginning + ending date and balance and compares the sum of inflows and outflows in the period to flag any inaccuracies so they can be corrected.

​Free-Form Categorization and Tagging

Create any number of custom categories and tags that make it easy to summarize sources/uses and search the dataset.

​Automated vLookups and Matching

Identify flow of funds between accounts and legal entities.

​Simplified Story Telling

Left to right visualization of flow of funds from sources to the network of accounts or legal entities and out to uses.  Interact with the visualization to get comprehensive list of detailed transaction data for each source, account, legal entity, use, and flow.

​1-Click Spreadsheet Output

At any time, export the data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with pre-defined pivot tables and comprehensive detailed transaction list.

Withstand Cross-Examination
A full audit trail report is available to document chain of custody/control. Any change by any user is logged by the system.